The Babylon Project

"There are moments in your life when everything crystallizes and the whole world reshapes itself right down to its component molecules. And everything changes. I have looked upon the face of a Vorlon... Laurel. And nothing is the same anymore."

Dr. Kyle to Laurel Takashima, 2257

Dr. Benjamin Kyle was Babylon 5's original Chief Medical Officer having been loaned out by Earthdome from his post as head of Xenobiological Research.[1] Stephen Franklin replaced him on March 2, 2258.[2]

He performed surgery on Vorlon ambassador Kosh Naranek after the ambassador was critically injured in an assassination attempt, making him the only known human at that time to lay eyes on a Vorlon. Under orders from Jeffrey Sinclair, he opened the environmental suit and attempted to scan Kosh to treat him. Unable to make progress without more information on the poison, he visited Lieutenant Commander Laurel Takashima to enlist her assistance in persuading a commercial telepath, Lyta Alexander, to perform an illegal telepathic scan on Kosh. Takashima agreed to Kyle's proposal and proceeded to convince Alexander to go ahead with the scan. With the information, he was able to make some progress through the residue on Kosh's body and created an antidote. Fortunately, it was successful. Bound by his oath of confidentiality, he never told anyone what he saw.[3] Just after the incident, he left B5 to work directly with the president.[4]

While still serving on Babylon 5, he handled Cailyn James' diagnosis of terminal neural paralysis.[5]

He left Babylon 5 in late February 2258 to return to his post as head of Xenobiological Research. After stopping at the transfer point off Io en route to Earth, he ran into Doctor Stephen Franklin, who was on his way to Babylon 5.[6] Dr. Kyle asked Dr. Franklin to be his replacement and Franklin accepted. The two remained in contact until Kyle's retirement on December 31, 2262.[7][8]


  • Although he is mentioned several times throughout the series, he appeared on screen only once, in "The Gathering."