The Babylon Project

The Berserker Probe was a small unmanned vessel of unknown class. The probe sought out civilizations capable of answering each of its questions and, if the questions were answered correctly, exploded in order to eliminate any perceived threat that it encountered.

The probe first arrived in Babylon 5 space in January 2260. It initially sent out an unknown transmission, which was translated by the crew. This message contained a promise for cures for diseases, and other advancements in exchange for being able to answer every question it asked. Failure to answer these questions would mean the destruction of their civilization.

Scrambling to find the answers, the crew worked tirelessly to come up with the solutions. Before the answers were sent, John Sheridan had second thoughts. He surmised that the probe would likely not destroy a less advanced race, but one that may be able to challenge it. He withheld the answers past the deadline and the probe began to depart. To keep the probe from harming any other race it came across, the answers were transmitted from a securebot far away from the station. This caused the probe to detonate, with an explosive yield of roughly 500,000 megatons.[1]