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Beta Durani I was a colony of the Earth Alliance and the location of an Earthforce Mid-range Base.


On June 21st, 2243, a Minbari ship went down on nearby Theta 49. At the time Dr. Stephen Franklin was out near Beta Durani I aboard the commercial trading ship Archimedes, hitchhiking in exchange for medical services. He did his best to help the seven survivors but given his total lack of knowledge and experience of Minbari biology all the surviving crew died of their injuries after a short time.[1]

In the last days of the Earth-Minbari War, the mid-range military bases at Beta Durani I and Proxima III were the last to fall before contact was lost with Io and the Battle of the Line.[2]

During the Earth Alliance Civil War, Beta Durani I and the Mid-range Military Base were liberated from Clark's forces shortly after the Liberation of Proxima III.[3] Later refugees from Sectors 400 through 600 were taken in by the medical colonies at Beta Durani I and the MacArthur Midrange Colony.[4]

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