"We have devoted ourselves to learning and understanding. If we abandon that now for war, then who is ever to bring greater understanding to the universe? Who is ever to break the cycle of war and death?"

Blaylock speaking to The Circle, 2258

Blaylock was a techno-mage and a member of The Circle. [1]


He was often at odds with his fellow techno-mage, Kell.

By late 2258, Kell knew for certain that the Shadows were returning, and wanted to be prepared and was concerned with the order keeping the Shadows a secret. The knowledge of this concerned Blaylock greatly.

After the deaths of Burell and Isabelle and the discovery of rogue Techno-mages on Brensil 4, Kell disclosed to The Circle that he had prior knowledge of the Shadows returning as well as his part in Elizar's deception. On December 31, 2258, Kell resigned his position as head of the order. Blaylock then voted to send the Techno-mages into hiding, to weather the coming war.


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