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Blue Sector was the area of Babylon 5 that comprised the forward segment of the rotating section and extended several kilometers aft to Red Sector.

Blue Sector housed the maintenance and operational control centers, docking bays, customs, embarkation, the observation dome and C&C as well as quarters for station personnel. Access to certain areas of Blue Sector was restricted to station personnel.

Notable LocationsEdit


C&C, or Command and Control is a facility located in Observation Dome 1 and serves as the central hub where all station operations, with the exception of security are run from.[1] In times of attack, the observation window that the crew faces has a pair of blast doors which can be closed.[2][3] Civilians are not allowed in C&C without express permission from the Commanding Officer.[3] Officers who have a position are referred to by station numbers. Station 1, for example, tracks ships and is used at one point to continuously scan a Minbari warship to determine if they have hostile intentions.[4]

Located directly opposite C&C across the station's central axis is a backup C&C facility in Observation Dome 2. In 2261 Dr. Elizabeth Trent and her team from IPX used this dome to co-ordinate the study of the Thirdspace artifact.[5]

Immigration/Passenger LoungeEdit

Located adjacent to the main docking bays, this is the first stop for all visitors to B5, and the last stop for those departing. All visitors must have the appropriate Identicard, visas and travel papers for approval before being allowed through customs. There is a passenger lounge on the station side of Immigration, so visitor can arrange to meet parties when they come through the gates, or say their goodbye before disembarking. The lounge itself features a number of public BabCom units for making or confirming hotel reservations, as well as exchange machines for converting Currencies and Credits.[1][6][7][8]

Adjacent to the Docking bays and the customs areas are a number of secure impound lots. In 2262, Ambassador Mollari's shipment of Brivari was held in Impound 31, as due to a recent problem with infestation, a minimum 3 day impound on all food and drink, much to the Ambassador's disgust. While his Attaché Vir Cotto attempted to negotiate with Security Chief Zack Allan, Londo snuck a quick drink, only to be struck down by a severe heart-attack.[9]

Customs Areas Edit

The customs areas feature scanners that can detect an concealed weapons, restricted substances such as Dust or anything suspicious on the passengers' person or luggage.

Customs Area 7Edit

Lecture HallsEdit

A variety of lecture halls can be rented in both Blue and Green Sector. Some offer seating for no more than 20, while there are two facilities that can hold as many as 250. All the halls come equipped with a full range of audio and visual equipment.[1]

Medlab OneEdit

Main article: Medlab One

Medlab One, located in Blue 2 was the station's primary medical facility, most often directly overseen by the station's CMO. In January 2260, the facility was moved to a new, more suitable facility, though it's location was still in Blue 2.[10]


The station's office of justice, the Ombuds pass judgement on crimes committed in station jurisdiction as well as hearing legal appeals, in accordance with Earth Alliance law.[8][11][12] Diplomatic personnel are subject to diplomatic immunity and as such cannot be prosecuted by the local law court.


Sometimes called the Observation Deck, the Sanctuary in a large circular room in Blue 3 that looks out onto the stars. The room is open to the public and is a favored place for contemplation though it can be rented for private ceremonies.

Security CentralEdit

Headquarters for station security, and the central hub for the numerous station houses located throughout the station.[17]

War RoomEdit

Sheridan in the War Room

The War Room on December 7, 2260

The War Room was a facility that was built in 2260 specifically to aid in coordinating the war efforts for the oncoming Shadow conflict.[18] It was located adjacent to the station commander's office.[19]

In 2261, after the Shadow war had ended, the facility was converted to be the broadcasting studio for The Voice of the Resistance, linking it's systems though the enhanced Tachyon relay in the Great Machine on Epsilon III.[20] Later that year it again became a War Room when Sheridan and the Army of Light went on the offensive against Clark's forces.[19]

Docking BaysEdit

The main docking bays make up the bulk of the internal volume of Blue Sector and run from the zero gravity main bay at the front of the station, down the elevator shafts towards the outer edge of the hull. Ships docking at B5 can choose between a variety of gravities from zero to one full Earth standard gravity, with the higher gravity bays closer to the hull and the lower gravity bays located closer to the station's central axis. B5 also features external docking facilities for the transfer of weapons and other banned goods. The docks on B5 are operated by the Docker's Guild, administrated by Neeoma Connally.[1][13]

Bay 04 Edit

Bay 05 Edit

Bay 07Edit

Bay 09Edit

Bay 12Edit

Bay 13Edit

  • Bay 13 was used by Kosh's Vorlon transport for long term docking and was also later used by Ulkesh's ship when he took Kosh's place in 2260.[24][25]
  • After Ulkesh's ship was destroyed in 2261 the recovered pieces were returned to Bay 13 for study and storage, where they mysteriously reassembled themselves into a complete ship.
  • In January 2262 Ulkesh's ship was transferred from Bay 13 to the EAS Titans.[26][27]

Bay 14Edit

Bay 17Edit

Bay 18Edit

Cobra BaysEdit


Starfuries launching

Located near the junction between Blue and Red sectors, the Cobra Bays get their name from the four structural elements of the forward sphere, each of which resembles a cobra with its hood extended. There are four cobra bays on the station, one on each of these structural elements. The station's complement of starfury and thunderbolt fighters dock in these bays. There are twenty-seven fighters prepared for launch at any time[28]

The launching of fighters is facilitated by the station's artificial gravity, allowing the fighters to "drop" from the bays. Fighters are recovered through the main docking bay and then reloaded into the cobra bays.


Blue 1Edit

When Commander Sinclair went missing from his quarters in April 2258, Security began to search the station starting with Blues 01 through 03, without success.[29]

Blue 2Edit

Location of Medlab One.[25] When Commander Sinclair went missing from his quarters in April 2258, Security began to search the station starting with Blue 1 through Blue 3, without success.[29]

In 2258 when Colonel Ari Ben Zayn from Earthforce Internal Affairs and Psi Corps military advisor Harriman Gray were quartered on Blue 2.[3]

Blue 3Edit

Location of the 'Sanctuary' and the conference room.[30] Blue 3 is a designated shelter area.[31] When Commander Sinclair went missing from his quarters in April 2258, Security began to search the station starting with Blue 1 through Blue 3, without success.[29] When Catherine Sakai visited the station for the first time in March of 2258, she met with her contacts in a business area in Blue 3, where she ran in to Jeffrey Sinclair.[32] When Rabbi Yossel Koslov visited Babylon 5 in April of 2258 he stayed in the sanctuary area.[33]

Blue 4Edit

When a number of Rogue Telepaths took hostages in Medlab One in June of 2262, they forced a security team to fall back to Blue 4.[34] In 2271, while under the influence of Asmodeus, Simon Burke barricaded himself inside the Chapel in Blue 4.[35]

Blue 5Edit

In January 2257 a Minbari assassin secretly boarded the station with a one man Breaching pod through Blue 5, Level B.[6] When Kiron Maray and Aria Tensus were taken into custody in April 2258 after using stolen credit chits onboard Centauri liner Carbo, they were held in Blue 5 to await the Centauri representative.[36] When ordered by Earth Central to send to war criminal Jha'dur back to Earth in June of 2258, Commander Sinclair tried moving her through Blue 5 to avoid attracting attention.[23] During the security preparations for Sheridan's inauguration in January, 2262, Michael Garibaldi advised Security Chief Zack Allan to seal off the area through to Blue 5, insisting it was the only way to make sure the Rotunda was secure.[16]

Blue 6Edit

When Pierce Macabee of the Ministry of Peace came aboard the station in September 2259, he gave a series presentations on the new Nightwatch division in the lecture hall in Blue 6.[37] In June of 2263 Security Chief Zack Allan witnessed an "apparition" in Blue 6. It would later be found to be one of the trapped souls of Ralga accessing illegal holographic systems in Brown 11.[38]

Blue 7Edit

When a Minbari assassin detonated a self-destruct in Red 12, it caused the station to tumble off-axis. The stress of stabilizing the stations orientation required damage control teams to report to Blue 7.[6] While Mr. Morden was held in custody in September 2259, Captain Sheridan ordered him moved from holding cell 15 to 23, while at the same time ordered Sergeant Allan to escort Talia Winters back to her quarters through Blue 7. An indirect route that consequently put her in the same corridor as Morden.[37]

Blue 8Edit

When Colonel Ari Ben Zayn can aboard the station in September 2258, he ordered informed Lieutenant Commander Ivanova that she will be escorted to Blue 8 to attend a formal inquiry and loyalty scan by Mr. Gray.[3]

Blue 12Edit

When Jason Ironheart powers began to increase beyond his control while he was on the station in April 2258, he had Talia Winters ask Commander Sinclair to meet him in Blue 12.[39]

Blue 14Edit

Talia Winters quarters were located in Blue 14.[39][40]

Blue 16Edit

When Jason Ironheart powers began to increase beyond his control while he was on the station in April 2258, he projected a force shield around Blue 16.[39]

Blue 24Edit

In 2261 when Lyta Alexander helped Sheridan setup Ulkesh so he could be taken out, she led him outside to the central corridor in Blue 24.[26]

Blue 70Edit

In September 2259 the war between the Narn Regime and the Centauri Republic spills over into Babylon 5 space when armed transports begin firing at each other near the station, causing a hull breach in Blue 70.[41]

Blue 95Edit

When Robert Carlson was hired by Maintenance Division in January 2260, he was assigned personal quarters in Blue 95.[42]


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