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Hey, Mack, can I ask you a question?Bo.

Bo was a maintenance worker on Babylon 5.[1]

In 2262 he was partnered with Mack and the pair served as an on-call "floater" team. He and Mack were good friends who got a first hand look at the action when an unknown alien race attacked the station.

Bo was summoned to the med lab, where Dr. Franklin had him repair the isolab console. Bo asked Franklin why he would bother trying to save the life of their enemies. Franklin told Bo about his father being saved by a doctor when he was a prisoner of war. Franklin tells Bo that he will try to save the life of their enemies because that is what he would want their enemies to do. Bo then headed to the fighter bay where Mack met up with him.

The pair were briefly caught in the melee between the alien boarding party and security, forced to defend themselves; Mack made use of a discarded PPG rifle to kill one of the attackers while Bo engaged in fisticuffs. Fleeing the skirmish they encountered Byron's telepaths, who permitted them to stay. When the telepaths used their abilities to briefly control an intruder and force them to leave, Bo was impressed and decided to engage Byron in conversation. At Bo's unwitting prompting, Byron briefly projected Bo's mind into that of one of the Starfury pilots of whom Bo had expressed admiration. Bo felt gratitude and awe for that act, but Mack hastily left. Bo followed him.

Bo along with Mack was ordered by President Sheridan to escort Delenn to an escape pod which Delenn refused to board. After the fighting stopped, Bo returned to work.


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