The Babylon Project

Boggs was an Earthforce Marine and veteran of the Earth-Minbari War.


During the Earth-Minbari War, Boggs met and fought with a sniper behind enemy lines.

In 2259, Boggs was stationed on Babylon 5. He joined the Nightwatch during the year, believing in their message of rooting out sedition and any inclinations toward opinions other than strictly Earth. During Babylon 5's secession from the Earth Alliance the following year, Boggs was one of a handful, including the sniper he met in the War, who evaded the round-up of Nightwatch agents by B5 command staff. Boggs managed to keep in touch with Nightwatch back on Earth, however, using special communications equipment. He was soon ordered to enact a plot in which Sheridan would be discredited and then assassinated. He targeted Delenn, knowing by removing her would strain the Minbari support to Babylon 5 and permit the Earth Alliance to seize the station by force once they withdrew. He and his fellow agents captured Delenn, a Minbari captain and his aide in the customs area, taking them to a secure place in Grey 14. Boggs then contacted the command crew to demand the Minbari ships protecting Babylon 5 be sent away. The command staff managed to trick Boggs and his cronies into believing a reactor leak occurred near their hideout. They fled the chamber and were confronted by station security. Boggs was killed in the subsequent shootout.[1]