The Babylon Project

"Don't do it! We've got women and children down here, don't do it!"

Mars radio operator

The Bombing of Mars was the pivotal event that led to the Earth Alliance Civil War. It began when the Martian government refused to implement martial law as ordered by President Clark. In response, Clark ordered airstrikes against Mars. A squadron of Thunderbolt Starfuries was sent to the surface with orders to bomb civilian targets. Despite pleas over the radio from below, the Starfuries launched their missiles, killing hundreds of innocent civilians.

In response to these atrocities, the colonies of Proxima III and Orion VII severed their ties to the Earth Alliance and declared independence. This prompted Clark to send fleets to several outposts and colonies, including Babylon 5, to prevent them from seceding; in Babylon 5's case, this backfired, as it prompted Captain John Sheridan, outraged at the bombing and concerned about the safety of Babylon 5's residents and the looming Second Shadow War, to declare independence himself.[1]