Brakir, also knowns as Brakos, is the homeworld of the Brakiri Syndicracy, located 27 light-years from Epsilon Eridani.[1]

The Brakiri system is unique in that if possesses only one comet with an orbit that brings it close to Brakir once every 200 years or so. The comet has become a cultural symbol of death to the Brakiri and it's period for closest approach is marked by the nocturnal "Day of the Dead" festival, an event that has produced many strange stories.


Civilisation first dawned on Brakir around the Earth year 261 with the Brakiri people finally achieving interstellar flight in 2111. When the Centauri Republic briefly settled in their region of space, they named the Brakiri homeworld Brakos. Showing little interest in the Brakiri race beyond what resources and land could be extracted from them, the Centauri never bothered to learn the planet's true name and so Brakos rather than Brakir stuck and thanks to the wide cultural influence of the Centauri it fell into common usage and remained so for centuries, even appearing in reference databases. True scholars of Brakiri studies and native Brakiri however only refer to the world as Brakir and can easily spot an illiterate by their use of the name Brakos.[2]

In 2262, the comet again approached Brakir, however since this was the first time since the Brakiri had achieved interstellar flight, a section of Babylon 5 was temporarily purchased by the Brakiri government. Technically making that part of the station a part or Brakir soil for the duration of the festival and thus enabling those unable to return home in time to participate in the celebration.[1]


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