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The Brakos Ring is a trading space station used by the Brakiri Syndicracy.


It's a space station than spins above the skies of Brakir, the Brakiri homeworld. Which as far as the Brakiri power conglomerates are concerned, serves as the headquarters of interstellar trade for the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. Every corporate alliance or power family has facilities on the Ring, several of them owning entire sections which are devoted to their industry's dealings. The station spins a bit slower than Brakos, which results in longer market houses.

The station is armed with a wide array of powerful Brakiri weaponry and is equipped with several gravitic shield generators to protect the station's vital systems and important families. Every major power conglomerate keeps its own military forces lurking in nearby space, to serve as escorts for prized shipments or traders at a moments notice. The Ring itself owns at least two Avioki-class Heavy Cruisers, which patrol around the station in shifts. In addition there are two squadrons of Falkosi fighters docked in the station.

The station is filled with thousands of Brakiri and visiting traders, and most of its expanse is dedicated to discussion and negotiation rooms that can be rented in an instant. Governing the Ring is a council of seven Prefects who are appointed every two years. The four major conglomerate families each get one Prefect, the military bases on Brakir get two Prefects, and serving as the voice of the rest of the League is a Prefect from the nearby League race. It meets every week to discuss station happenings and to argue and then vote upon station policies. The station is the home for some of the Brakiri Syndicracy's League-based dealings at the governmental level. It's a well protected and stocked station, where some of the galaxy's craftiest and fiscally dangerous minds are located.