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"Branmer was more significant than his battles. Let the warrior caste praise his courage in war."
"Let the rest praise him for what he truly was. A man of peace."

Commander Sinclair to Alyt Neroon

Branmer was a renowned Minbari war leader, and Shai Alyt of the Warrior Caste.[1]

He was a reluctant warrior but proved to be a brilliant commander and before joining the Star Riders Clan, Bramner had been a High Priest of the Religious Caste. It was only because of the Holy War against the Humans that he felt he had to become a warrior. Branmer's father was of the Warrior Caste and his mother was of the Religious Caste.

At the end of the conflict, Branmer took part in the Battle of the Line, leading a sizeable contingent of the fleet.

After the war ended, he continued in his role of Shai Alyt and in 2258 he died while on tour outside the Federation's borders. His body was taken to Babylon 5 with the intention of displaying his body to every Minbari from the Euphrates Sector to Minbar. While on the station, his body disappeared when Delenn and other members of the Religious caste took his body in secret. Delenn had the remains cremated so they could later be scattered in orbit over Minbar, per Branmer's actual wishes. Delenn had also been an old friend of Branmer's and sought to do as he had wanted. Branmer's second-in-command, Neroon, first accused the humans of stealing the body but eventually learned the truth privately from Delenn. She used her status as a member of The Grey Council to order him to go along with her statement regarding the incident. The details of his body's disappearance were not disclosed publicly, but rather it was explained as a kind of mystical experience.


  • Branmer is never seen on screen.