The Babylon Project

Brannagan a Human transport pilot.[1]

In 2262 Brannagan and his partner Jimmy on the Red Star 9 were delivering a shipment of illegal supplies to the Drazi homeworld, on orders from the Freehold. While en-route the Red Star 9 and it's escort were destroyed by Centauri warships under Drakh control. Brannagan ejected in an Life Pod after he lost contact with Jimmy down in the engine room.

After arriving on Zhabar, Brannagan went into hiding knowing that his employers would not be happy that he lost their ship and that the Drazi government agents awaiting his delivery of illegal supplies planned to take their losses out on him. Desperate to get off planet as soon as possible, Brannagan arranges a meeting with ISA Covert Intelligence head Michael Garibaldi through the contacts of human security consultant Tafiq Azir. Unfortunate for Brannagan, Garibaldi misses

Agreeing to meet with Garibaldi and Azir that night in the park at the base of the hotel Garibaldi was staying at, Brannagan is given the location of his balcony and a precision signal light, so that he can let the know when he is there and ready to talk, in exchange for passage off world. Unfortunately for Brannagan, Garibaldi and Azir get drunk and are assaulted by a Drazi agent looking for Brannagan and though Garibaldi dose eventually see the signal, by he time get gets to street level Brannagan is already dead having been attacked by cloaked assailants that later turn out to be members of the Centauri Imperial Palace Guard.