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Breather Unit.jpg
Dr. Kyle with a breather unit

A Breather is a device that allows a person to breathe in environments alien to their species.

Breather units used by the Earth Alliance feature an enclosed transparent faceplate, with a front mounted filter flanked by a pair of colour coded, interchangeable gas canisters. The breather unit is designed to easily slip on, forming an airtight soft-seal around the face that is sufficient for pressurised environments. The breathers can be fitted with gas canisters other than the standard red oxygen tanks, allowing the unit to be used by most humanoid species.[1]

A Minbari breather is much smaller and compact and does not have to cover the face nor the head, but is simply placed in the mouth requiring that the user breathe through their mouth.[2]

Some races like the Gaim use a full Encounter suit to support them and it covers their entire body. The Vorlons also used Encounter suits, though they were mostly a means of disguise.


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