The Babylon Project

Brensil IV was the fourth planet of the System. Little more than a barren rock, Brensil IV had been the home to a number of mining colonies and small settlements, but by 2258 the mine had closed and those with ships had left, leaving what remained on the verge of total abandonment. Aside from a monthly delivery, it had little other traffic.[1]

Isabelle and Galen met Elizar Brensil IV. Galen was suspicious, as he also sensed another Techno-mage on the planet, albeit at a great distance from where they were meeting. Elizar comforted his suspicions by telling him it was Razeel. Elizar sat with Isabelle and Galen at a restaurant to discuss the recent events, discussing conspiracy that Kell knew of a Shadow threat already, and was suppressing the information from the rest of the Techno-mage order.

While still on the planet, Elizar attempted to sew the seeds of distrust in the Circle amongst the two, though they both demanded proof. Both Isabelle and Galen were suspicious of his claims and demanded evidence. He continued to try and convince the two without providing any evidence, until it was revealed he was working for the Drakh.

Isabelle was dealt a mortal blow by Elizar. Soon after this, she succumbed to her injuries and died.