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Brian Grond was a human businessman from Syria Planum who founded Business, Home and Personal Defense Systems, which, as the name suggests, sold defense systems.

Though happily married with two kids, Grond was obsessed with sex with aliens, and thus twice a year, he would take a business trip to Babylon 5, where he would make highly lucrative sales and then celebrate by travelling to Down Below and hiring the most exotic alien prostitutes he could find. His wife Jacintha was aware of these adventures, and secretly hated him, but could not bring herself to confront him about it.

In 2259, Grond became smitten with Belladonna, a prostitute whose species is unknown, but who was described as resembling "a cross between a three-meter-wide starfish and a baby giraffe", with "iridescent tentacles" and "suckers fit to make a grown man cry." One night, he made his usual sojourn to Down Below, only to discover that Belladonna had been forced out of her usual place. As he searched in vain for her, he had the misfortune of running into the Tuchanq serial-killer D'arc. Mistaking her for a prostitute, he offered her money to lead him to Belladonna. Instead, she led him to an empty hangar and killed him.

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