The Babylon Project

Bryce was a con-man living on Babylon 5. He had a significant identifying mark, a tattoo on the back of his right hand.

In 2262, he met Jonathan Harris after the young man used his telepathic abilities to cheat at cards in the casino. He quickly adapted to the young man's game, ingratiating himself with at least two of his split personalities and even helping shield him by killing Chen Hikaru. Together, they went on a crime spree to cheat and swindle multiple B5 denizens out of their money; of which he kept 10% of the take.

When the Psi Cops, led by Alfred Bester, caught up with him and Harris, they had a shoot out wherein Bryce was wounded and Harris was rendered helpless by falling back on a meek personality. Both Bryce and Harris were sedated and taken into custody to be transported back to the Psi Corps. While in hyperspace, the unconscious Bryce was jettisoned from the shuttle by Lauren Ashley, where he died from vacuum exposure.[1]