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Canonbox default The following is based on The Mongoose Publishing RPG books and contradicts canon sources.
Canonbox default The following is based on The Agents of Gaming Strategic Game and contradicts canon sources.

The Bulwark Fleet is the space fleet of the Abbai Matriarchate.

The Abbai Space Fleet[]

Bulwark Fleet[]

Canonbox default The following is based on The Mongoose Publishing RPG books and contradicts canon sources.


The Abbai military has traditionally possessed defensive capabilities second to none, but lacked real offensive capability. For the Abbai military the highest priority is defending lives, not just that of the Abbai people but also its own personnel. It is only recently that the Abbai have developed a more capable and powerful offensive capability, which has been developed by the fleet only as the focus of the ground forces has remained on defense.

As the Abbai are a defensive people, defensive formations are at the heart of both their fleet and army. Which rely heavily on fortifications and emplacements, of one type or another. In the Abbai fleet, heavy armor plating, redundant systems, and defensive weapon systems making up most of the Abbai's spaceborne assets. Reinforcing these assets are many layers of mines, orbital satellites, and both active and passive deterrents against hostile fleets entering Abbai space.

The fleet consists of several divisions of ships, each of which is assigned to a particular section of Abbai territory and tasked with delaying or repelling any invading force. Because the Abbai place great value on the lives of their people, orbital defenses are considered part of the Bulwark Fleet and automated assets are constantly expanded.

On their ships, they've used a combination of metals and composite materials, with which they achieved dense hulls and easily adjusted bulkhead structures. Parts of their vessels are kept flooded with oxygen-rich fluids, giving their crewmen an extra cushion against damage from the outside, in addition to accelerating the crew's movement and providing them with comfort. If a hull breach occurs, any exposed flooded corridors or compartments will vent a bit into the vacuum before freezing solid, thereby creating an instant hull seal.

The Abbai have created some of the best defended ships in the galaxy, in the process making some of the deadliest weapons in space. Abbai technology is superior to most of the other member races of the League and approaches that of the Centauri, and in some cases even that of the Minbari. It is the reason that the Dilgar were never successful in driving into Abbai space, for when the Abbai decide to close their area of space and guard it, it stays closed.


Since they don't strongly emphasize their military, the Abbai have a very simple ranking structure. It's the same one for both the space fleet and the ground forces. Abbai emphasize function over form, thereby making their military structure greatly streamlined.

  • Uularin: Which is the equivalent of a general, it's nearly always a female. It's the only position of great importance or authority that a male can hold, which is greatly coveted by them. One Uularin controls the space fleet, and the other Uularin controls the ground forces.
  • Sephii: A group of three officers serves each Uularin. They collate the reports, provide intelligence to their Uularin, and act as messengers. Usually they are female, but it's not a legal requirement. The Uularin can assign territories and duties to the Sephii, but traditionally there is the Uun Sephii (manages fiscal policies), Shiil Sephii (political military officer), and Narani Sephii (tactical officer).
  • Martath: It's the common command rank, which is held by hundreds of military officers in each branch. Who are responsible for the day to day operations of the military.
  • Shaath: The military's rank and file soldiers and fleet personnel. Since they have a single rank structure at the soldier level, pay grades aren't an issue among the rank and file. The Shaath who serve in the fleet are well-trained and extremely well-equipped. Their performance is exemplary and efficient. Abbai ships usually have crews that are smaller than comparable ships of other races, which is due in equal parts to automation and the skill of the crewmen.

Police Fleet[]

Canonbox default The following is based on The Agents of Gaming Strategic Game and contradicts canon sources.

The Police Fleet was designed as a patrol organization not a military force, which is technically staffed by civilians. It doesn't have a rank structure, as individuals are "hired" to perform specific jobs aboard the vessels. The one in charge of a ship is the "Annatar" (Ship-Mother), and the crewmen's titles are preceded by "Madam", even if it's male. Being a tolerant people, the Abbai often employee mercenaries from other races. They are employed in specific posts such as engineers or weapon operators, with the ship captains and senior staff nearly always being Abbai. Drazi are often employed as marines to defend the ships against enemy boarding actions.





  • Bochi-class Defense Satellites
  • Alanti-class Orbital Satellites
  • Kirva-class Jammer Orbital Satellites



Bimith Family of Defenders[]


Lakara Family of Cruisers[]

Milani Family of Cruisers[]

Kastona Family of Cruisers[]

  • Kastona-class Cruisers
  • Lystala-class Patrol Cruisers
  • Kostina-class Carriers

Brova Family of Cruisers[]

  • Brova-class Jump Cruisers
  • Kirstom-class Large Cruisers


Shyarie Family of Frigates[]

Tiraca Family of Frigates[]

Tetrav Family of Frigates[]

  • Tetrav-class Heavy Frigates
  • Tetrana-class Escort Frigates

Miscellaneous Frigates[]

  • Benota-class Fast Frigates
  • Tulati-class Frigates

Miscellaneous Ships[]


  • Kotha-class Medium Fighters
  • Wimuk-class Light Fighters