The Babylon Project
Bureau 13

Bureau 13 operations centre in the San Diego Wasteland, 2259.

Bureau 13 was a secret Psi Corps organisation under Department Sigma, operating deep within Earthgov and known as a dirty-trick squad dealing in black projects and "Star Chamber" justice.[1]

Rumors started to circulate about the organization from 2253 onward, and eventually John Sheridan found out about it sometime in 2257, including the Lazarus Project.[1]

In 2258, Abel Horn's body was recovered by Bureau 13 following his death during the Mars Rebellion. Thirteen oversaw his "recruitment" into Project Lazarus and in March 2259 she coordinated with Control to smuggle Horn onto Babylon 5 in a bid to strengthen Earth's hold on the Mars colony by assassinating FutureCorp CEO Taro Isogi and Mars Provisional Government rep Amanda Carter before travelling to Mars to destroy Free Mars from the inside. Isogi was successfully terminated but the Unit was unable to complete the mission and was destroyed before it could leave the station for Mars. Following the incident, Thirteen was concerned that the Bureau was at risk and ordered Control to follow up until certain.[1]

In October 2259, Lyta Alexander exposed Talia Winters as the host for Control. Winters was sent back to Earth and the Bureau was quietly folded back into Department Sigma.[2][3][4]

Known Agents[]