The Babylon Project

Burell was a techno-mage and mother to Isabelle.[1] She was a controversial figure among techno-mages; though she had supporters, many condemned her scientific research into mage technology.


Burell had been reprimanded by the Circle for studying the techno-mage tech too closely. Because of the sophisticated nature of the tech, in 2250, she took implants from the recently deceased techno-mage named Craiselnek for study.

Over time Burell tested these implants, trying to understand them. A year after taking the implants, she was able to activate a signal from one of them. Two years later, Craiselnek's implants sent a signal to some of Burell's implants that deactivated roughly a third of them. After that incident, she was forced to use her own body to carry signals normally meant for the tech to send through the body. This took a toll on her body over the following years.

When Isabelle was younger, both Burell and Isabelle would travel to the Strauss Hotel on Zafran 8 to pick up information while fortunetelling.

Burell was initially hesitant to let Galen into her home, only allowing him to do so as long as he did not share the knowledge of the research she was conducting.

On December 22, 2258, the effects of the tech on her body had grown too much. She had noticeably weakened, but refused help from Isabelle. It was only after a great deal of insistence that she allowed Galen to help. Not long after, she passed away.

On Brensil 4, her body was taken by three rogue techno-mages, Tilar, Elizar and Razeel.


  • Burell alters her glamorous appearance by creating an illusion that not only does she use a wheelchair, but has a grayish complexion, greasy hair, and an unpleasant odor.
  • Burell had conjured a computer demon named Johnny based on the body of bodybuilder Tidor Puentes and the face and voice of John Sheridan.