The Babylon Project

Cailyn James was a human singer from Earth.


A gifted singer with a fairly prominent career on Earth, James one day decided to venture away from the planet. She arrived on Babylon 5 in 2257, however, she soon was diagnosed by Doctor Benjamin Kyle with terminal neural paralysis. Though it was assumed she left the station shortly afterward, in fact she moved to Brown Sector and began performing in some of the station's low rent bars and clubs. She believed that her time was better spent performing for those less fortunate to make them happy.

She took regular doses of medication to deal with the pain. However, as singing in Downbelow didn't pay well, by 2260 she was unable to afford it anymore. Near the end of that year, she met Dr. Stephen Franklin, Babylon 5's Chief Medical Officer, who, at the time, had taken a leave of absence from his post. Cailyn apparently took a liking to "Steve" as she called him, and the two spent the night together. She attempted to get him to acquire some metazine for her without telling him about her condition, prompting the ever stalwart doctor to refuse. While he was asleep, she stole his identicard to acquire it herself from a dispensary, but passed out from the pain she was in before she could use it. Franklin found her unconscious and rushed her to Medlab where he learned of her condition. She explained to him that she stayed on the station because she wanted to pass along a little hope during what time she had left.[1]

She died some time in March of 2261 at the age of 36. Dr. Franklin issued the death certificate.[2]