Carolyn Sanderson was a rogue Human telepath, a "blip", who was captured by the Psi Corps and sent to their re-education centre on Mars.

While there she met Psi Cop Alfred Bester who found himself increasingly attracted to Carolyn, making any excuse to spend time with her, getting her better quarters, more food. Eventually the two became lovers, resulting in Carolyn carrying Alfred's child. At some point, four or so weeks before she was found in Sector 500, the allies of the Shadows within the Psi Corps turned her over to the servants of the Shadows. Along with 99 other blips, Carolyn was fitted with cyberweb implants, enhancements to her wetware and programming in preparation for her to be merged with a Shadow Vessel. Working on a tip from Bester, the ship that was transporting them all in sleeper tubes was attacked and captured by the White Star and taken to Babylon 5. Carolyn was briefly taken out of cryosleep but instantly became hostile, confused and attempted to merge with the Medlab's computer and electrical systems, she was eventually sedated and put back into stasis, where she remained, all the while still carrying her unborn child.[1]

After the end of the Earth Alliance Civil War, Carolyn was transferred to a Psi Corps facility that had the resources to better deal with her condition.[2] Though Bester went to great lengths to free her body and mind of the Shadow Technology, she was ultimately killed during the Telepath War when the resistance bombed the facility where she was being kept.[3]


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