The Babylon Project

Carvin was a Centauri techno-mage, apprenticed to Alwyn.[1]

Alwyn found Carvin as a child on Centauri Prime and, impressed by her quick mind, took her away from her homeworld, where she had no status or opportunities, to become a techno-mage under his tutelage. Alwyn took great pride in Carvin and took equal joy in teasing her.

As of 2258, she was the only Centauri working towards mage-hood.

In 2259, she and several other techno-mages sacrificed themselves by leaving Babylon 5 on a transport they knew would be shot down by the Shadows, while the majority of the order escaped in secret. Carvin herself would not have been on the transport if the well-meaning intervention of Ambassador Londo Mollari had not forced her to board it to maintain the ruse. Alwyn was devastated by her death.[2]

She used Dance and movement to wield her powers.