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The Electro-whip is a type of hand-held torture device used by Centauri that can be set to give an increasing level of pain each time it is used so that 40 strokes will kill even a Narn.[1]

Citizen G'Kar whipped

In 2261, while imprisoned on Centauri Prime, Citizen G'Kar was whipped by one of the Centauri Imperial Palace Guard under the orders of Emperor Cartagia. He endured 39 stokes before allowing Cartagia the satisfaction of hearing him scream. In 2262, when he returned to the Royal Palace as Prime Minister Mollari's bodyguard, Minister Vole gave G'Kar the very same electro-whip that had been used on him along with the very guard who had whipped him the previous year.  Minister Vole promised that G'Kar would not be prosecuted or charged for anything he might do. G'Kar declined to inflict vengeance on the guard, stating that he had only carried out the will of Cartagia and with Cartagia now dead, the guard did not deserve his wrath.[2]