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Centauri Houses are the Republic's chief societal unit and is formed from old families of varying power, wealth and influence. The Noble Houses are the "Old Guard" while the so-called Great Houses serve as a middle class, though many of the Centaurum and the Republic's other leaders come from such houses. The Lesser Houses make up the lower servant and working classes. Most Centauri are allied to one House or another, either by way of blood relation, arranged marriages or in service as retainers. The few families that have no such alliances - known as Houseless families - are considered beneath contempt.[1]

Known Houses[]

  • House Arlineas: The house to which Arlineas was the head.[2]
  • House Cotto: Once a relatively minor player among the Great Houses, House Cotto would eventually rise to power, rather surprisingly from Vir Cotto's close association with Londo Mollari.
  • House Davo: House Davo's position in the royal court had been purchased from House Miro some time prior to August 2262.[3]
  • House Dei: By 2262 House Dei had become a fallen house, bereft of power and money. Shiri Dei was a member of this house.[3]
  • House Milifa: In 2275 House Milifa was one of the most powerful and influential houses in all the Centaurum. The young Throk Milifa had been one of the first to join the Prime Candidates while Lord Milifa himself foolishly made an enemy of Minister Durla.[2][8]
  • House Miro House Miro was a noble family with an old blood. However, by 2262 it had little in the way of money and their position in the royal court had been sold to House Davo years before. In 2262, Delasi Miro was proclaimed prophetess supreme.[3]
  • House Tikane: The house to which Tikane was the head.[2]
  • House Yson: The house to which Yson was the head.[2]