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Centauri Prime is a terrestrial planet, specifically the homeworld of the Centauri race, and the seat of government for the Centauri Republic, located in Sector 130.


Centauri Prime is a temperate world with an oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere, vast oceans and only a handful of large landmasses. Like other worlds such as Shir-shraba and Earth, Centauri Prime was home to two distinct sentient races, the Centauri and the Xon. Both evolved around the same time but on different continents, remaining separate until one or both developed the technology to cross the oceans.[2] When they finally did meet, they began competing with one another for land and resources, culminating in a vicious conflict that became known as the War of 20 Million Deaths that only ended when the Xon were finally wiped out by the Centauri.[3][4][5]

Notable Locations[]

Centauri Prime is similar to Earth, with much of the surface covered in oceans, and having a nitrogen-oxygen rich atmosphere. The weather seems comparable to Earth as well, as there is at least seasonal changes, including snow over the capital city in winter.

Two vast oceans separate two of the primary clusters of continents, resulting in the development of the Centauri race on one and the Xon on the other. After centuries of brutal warfare and genocide, the Xon become extinct.

  • Capital City: The capital was a large metropolis located in one of the more temperate regions of Centauri Prime, not too far from a coast. The Capital was the location of the Royal Palace along with the Royal Court and the Centaurum. Near the end of 2262, much of the capital was devastated by a joint Narn-Drazi fleet that fired on the planet, after the Drakh managed to send away or deactivate the planet's defenses. By Emperor Mollari II's command, reconstruction got underway soon after under the supervision of Castig Lione, the chancellor of Development.[6] The city was destroyed again in 2278, again thanks to the machinations of the Drakh. It would again be rebuilt later under Emperor Cotto.[7][8][9][10]
  • Senate Building: The location of the two governing bodies of the Centauri Republic, the Centaurum and the Populum.
  • Ghehana: A notoriously impoverished and run down area of the Capital City.[11] In 2264, the techno-mage Kane used Ghehana as a base of operations for investigating Drakh activity on Centauri Prime.[12]
  • Selini: Selini was a barely inhabited island in the southern hemisphere on Centauri Prime. In 2261, during the latter part of the Second Shadow War, after the destruction of their capital on Z'ha'dum, the Shadows convinced Emperor Cartagia to allow them to establish a base there. When Cartagia was assassinated, Prime Minister Londo Mollari detonated three fusion bombs secretly planted throughout the island, effectively destroying it, and wiping out the Shadows' presence there. The Drakh would remember this act when they enacted their revenge against the Centauri in the following years.
  • Xonos: One of the few major continents on Centauri Prime that was the home and former stronghold of the Xon. In May 2269, an ISA intelligence probe detected a munitions facility on the sparsely populated continent and sent a contingent of agents to investigate.[15]


  • Centauri: Sentient bipedal humanoids (dominant lifeforms).
  • Xon: Sentient species (extinct).
  • Chakat: A four legged, horned game animal.[16]
  • Drome: A domesticated beast of burden, historically used for pulling loads and carriages and as mounted rides. They are still used in this fashion for ceremonial purposes by the Royal Court and the Noble Houses.[16]
  • Leati: A creature known for its fierceness.[17]
  • Treel: A blue and white fish-like creature raised as a food animal and used in several dishes, including Jurbeen.[18]
  • Zoolow: A blotchy skinned and ill tempered fish-like creature that is difficult to catch and is traditionally served raw.[3]
  • Tawloo: A domesticated creature used as dairy animals and as a source of creams, cheeses and cooking fat that often form the basis of most Centauri recipes.[3]
  • Leeb: A domesticated bovine-like creature, noted for its fat, bloated appearance and its tendency to do little else other than eat and stomp. Many Leeb were imported to the Narn Homeworld during the First Occupation, where it's since become the prime ingredient in a dish called Leeb Loaf.[3]
  • Yikkiti: Domesticated egg-laying animal.[3]
  • Foolash: An edible plant, roughly similar to Earth spinach.[3]
  • Rikling: An edible plant, roughly similar to Earth asparagus.[3]
  • Watsul: A plant that bears a fruit similar to Earth tomatoes.[3]
  • Doola: A plant that produces a nut with a similar taste to Earth walnuts. Used in making snicks.[3]
  • Flibie: A plant that produces a nut with a similar taste to Earth pecans. Used in making snicks.[3]
  • Ruti pod: A vegetable-like plant similar to an Earth potato. Centauri grown ruti pods are noted for their distinctive crimson coloring.[3]


Shadow War[]

During the second Shadow war, Shadow vessels took refuge on the Island of Selini at the blessing of Emperor Cartagia. After removing Cartagia from the throne, Londo Mollari completely destroyed the island, obliterating the grounded Shadow fleet, in an attempt to remove all Shadow influences from the planet so the Vorlons would spare it.[1]

Fall of Centauri Prime[]

A joint fleet of Narn and Drazi warships laid waste upon Centauri Prime in response to alleged Centauri attacks on Alliance shipping lines. Unknown to them, the Centauri were not behind the attacks. They had been framed by the Drakh, former servants of the Shadows who wished to exact revenge upon the Centauri.[19]

Centauri capital city being bombed by the Narn and the Drazi in 2262. The city also looked this way after the Drakh activated a fusion bomb in 2278.

Other Facts[]

  • Centauri Prime has at least one moon.[20]
  • Centauri Prime is 75 light-years from the Babylon 5 station.[21]