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Royal Palace

The Royal Palace

The Centauri Royal Palace is the seat and residence of the Emperor of the Centauri Republic and the Centauri Royal Court, located on Centauri Prime. It is a lavish palace, with hundreds of courtyards, gardens, rooms, living quarters, and dungeons.


In 2260 a facsimile of the Royal Palace's interior was built on Narn as a surprise for Emperor Cartagia.[1]

Some time after 2262, by order of Emperor Mollari II almost all the windows in the palace were bordered up so that he would not have to see the devastation outside unprepared. Despite this, Mollari would spend most of his time in his throne room with the single uncovered window, gazing out across the burning ruins of the capital.[2]



The Imperial Throne Room

  • Imperial Throne Room
  • Emperor's Quarters
  • Visitor's Quarters
  • Sand Garden
  • Cartagia's Secret Room
  • Cells
  • Catacombs