The Babylon Project

An unnamed Centauri telepath was hired by Malcolm to unlock memories in Brother Edward's mind.

Brother Edward ran into the Centauri while on his way back to his temporary quarters in Brown Sector. Slightly confused by the incident, he had little time to think as he suddenly experienced a terrifying hallucination of a woman being murdered, a black rose left in her mouth, and words written in blood upon the wall. After this point, his behavior began to deteriorate as his mind became more troubled.

Once the monk disappeared, John Sheridan and Michael Garibaldi realized something was amiss when Edward had said he bumped into a Centauri in Downbelow, as the affluent and appearance-conscious race never goes there. Given Edward's troubles, they deduced the Centauri to be a telepath and immediately got in touch with Ambassador Mollari to find out the identities of all Centauri telepaths on the station.

They apprehended the telepath, who would only admit he had been hired to complete a job. Their threats rang hollow, as the Centauri knew that they would need another telepath to scan him, and that the human organization Psi Corps has rules against such things. Garibaldi blindfolded him, and Lyta Alexander came into the room. She performed a deep scan and knocked him unconscious, but not before finding out who hired him and where Edward was being held.[1]