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"...Give me a break. Receive transmission, audio only. Yes?"

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"Now, we gave you a promise, and we are bound by that promise, and damn you for asking for it! And damn me for agreeing to it! And damn all of us to hell, because that is exactly where we're going! We talked about peace; you didn't want peace! We talked about cooperation; you didn't want cooperation! You want war! Is that it?! You want a war? WELL, YOU'VE GOT A WAR!"

John Sheridan snaps at the ISA ambassadors

The Centauri War was a brief conflict between the Centauri Republic and the Interstellar Alliance that took place in 2262, following the discovery that a series of attacks on civilian shipping lines had been executed by Republic ships.[1][2] These attacks had been arranged by the Drakh via Regent Milo Virini, who had fallen under their control through a Keeper. The Drakh, former servants of the Shadows, sought to exact revenge on both the Centauri and the Alliance.

The conflict ended following an unauthorised sneak attack on Centauri Prime by Drazi Freehold and Narn Regime forces.[3] The newly crowned Emperor Mollari II surrendered to the ISA, which imposed heavy sanctions against the Republic. The Emperor, like Virini, was blackmailed by the Drakh to receive a Keeper, and under its influence, severed all relations between the Centauri Republic and the Alliance. The secret Drakh occupation would last for sixteen years.[4]