The Babylon Project

A Centauri Assassination device is a very specialised type of weapon designed specifically for assassinating Centauri while making the death appear to be from natural causes.[1]

Essentially a small tube about 10-15cm in length it features a retractable needle at one end and an activation button on the other. The needle contains a very small, completely undetectable dose of neural toxins that must be delivered directly into the target, between the hearts. When the needle is removed it leaves behind an organic sealant that covers the wound, leaving it undetectable to all but the closest examination. Once properly introduced the poison acts quickly, killing the victim within 15-20 seconds and making the cause of death to appear to be hearts failure.

In 2261, Vir Cotto obtained one of these weapons on instructions from Londo Mollari with the intent to use it to kill Emperor Cartagia. The plan worked, though in the end it was Vir who was forced to use the weapon instead of Mollari.