Ceti IV, was an uninhabited world in sector 85 by 4 by 20.[1]

In 2267, Ceti IV was the site of an IPX dig lead by Max Eilerson. During the course of which they discovered a large underground city, abandoned some 10,000 years previous.

Following the Drakh attack of Earth, the EAS Persephone tracked and shot down a Drakh cruiser over Ceti IV before being destroyed. Shortly afterwards, the Excalibur arrived to secure the site and pick up the IPX crew.


  • While the planet has an atmosphere breathable for Humans, there's no evidence of native plant of animal life existing. It's assumed even the wild life of Ceti IV disappeared. This could mean the native life did breathsome other atmosphere and the introduction of oxygen/nitrogen was what killed the biosphere. Hence, dispite its ideal conditions for Earth-origin habitants, Ceti IV is in the category of Dead Worlds and not of Ghost Worlds .


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