The Babylon Project

Chay-yosh-nay was a Markab businessmen who arrived for a four day stay on Babylon 5 in August, 2259 after travelling through Sector 14.

As Chay-yosh-nay's ship passed though Sector 14, an entity of some kind was somehow displaced through the temporal rift and sought refuge within the unfortunate Markab. As the creature was completely alien in form and origin, it's attempts to communicate only served to drive Chay-yosh-nay to madness until he finally bludgeoned himself to death on piping in Grey Sector.

His body was later found by Captain Sheridan, who in turn was "possessed" by the displaced life form. Fortunately for the Captain, he was eventually able to form an empathic connection and decipher the creature's attempts to communicate, ultimately delivering it back to the rift in Sector 14.[1]