The Babylon Project

Chen Hikaru was a human telepath in the Psi Corps.

In 2262, Hikaru was a Psi Cop in training. He was an unusually fast learner, getting through his studies quicker than most. He was accepted as an intern for Level 12 Investigations and worked under the mentorship of Alfred Bester.

He was with Bester and Lauren Ashley on assignment to Babylon 5 in 2262 to track down Jonathan Harris and any accomplices. He took some initiative, against his instructions, to open the locked door and to search the quarters of a suspect believed to have helped Harris, where he found the suspect murdered. He was then assigned to scout areas of Downbelow, looking for Harris. After Chen found him in one of the station casinos he used a Babcom terminal to call in for backup from Bester but was himself murdered by Harris' other accomplice, Bryce.[1]