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"Don't worry, even one as arrogant as this would not take it upon himself to imprison his own Prime Minister."

Londo Mollari to G'Kar concerning Minister Cholini

Cholini was the Centauri Minister of Defense during the rule of Regent Milo Virini.

In late 2262, he contacted then Prime Minister Londo Mollari while he was still serving on the Advisory Board of the Interstellar Alliance at Babylon 5. Speaking for the Regent and the Centaurum, Minister Cholini voiced their concerns that the Centauri were suspected by President Sheridan and other ISA representatives of being behind the recent series of space attacks upon civilian shipping lines. Further, that they would use fabricated evidence to implicate them. Cholini urged Mollari to do what he could to assure the ISA administration that the Centauri were not to blame for the mysterious attacks, even suggest that the Narn were responsible, using ships and weapons the Centauri left behind when they ended their second occupation of the Narn homeworld.[1]

After Mollari withdrew from the Advisory Board and returned to Centauri Prime with G'Kar as his bodyguard, hoping to prevent the simmering tension between the Centauri Republic and the ISA from erupting into war, Minister Cholini barred them from seeing Regent Virini, insisting he was unable to see anyone at present. Hardly concealing his revulsion towards G'Kar, Cholini warned that while the Narn's presence would be tolerated for the time being, if he was found wandering around the palace by himself, he would be shot on sight. Not long afterwards, Cholini, with an escort of palace guards, awakened Mollari and G'Kar late at night to deliver the news that war had finally broken out, as well as place G'Kar under arrest on the Regent's order because of his ISA connections. Mollari tried to intervene, only to be imprisoned by Cholini in the same cell as G'Kar.[2] Later, Cholini was present at an emergency meeting held by Mollari following his release, and opposed the Prime Minister's proposal to make a move against the Regent, with tragic results for the Centauri homeworld.[3]


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