The Babylon Project

Christopher Franke (*6. April 1953, Berlin, Germany) was the main composer for Babylon 5.


He studied Classic Music and composing at the Berliner Konservatorium. He soon became involved with several Rock and Jazz projects. He was also very well known for being a member of the, Grammy nominated, Band Tangerine Dream. Tangerine Dream was a Krautrock Band in the beginning and later a New Age Band, which probably led to his New Age sound. The British Melody Maker magazine appreciated his work with the Moog Synthesizer as being groundbreaking.

After leaving Tangerine Dream he moved to Los Angeles, in 1990. He established the Berliner Filmsymphonieorchester (Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra). He performed his first solo career concert in 1992 in London. In 1993 he founded his own label Sonic Images. He composed the Soundtrack for Roland Emmerichs Universal Soldier as well as for 25 other movies.

Work for Babylon 5[]

Franke composed all five main themes for the series, as well as various background and incidental music. The Berliner Filmsymphonieorchester played his work live in Berlin. The music was transferred via six digital connections to Los Angeles, where Franke could listen to it in real-time and give orders to his orchestra.

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