The Babylon Project

Circe was a techno-mage. She was known for her orthodox black robes and her distinct pointed hat.[1] Throughout the techno-mage trilogy, Circe ingratiated herself to members of the Circle, as well as many others among the techno-mage ranks. Elric knew from her attitude and actions that she aspired to one day ascend to the Circle. However, neither Elric nor anyone else in the Circle anticipated just how deep Circe's avarice ran.

Almost two years into their exile out on the Rim, Circe formulated a sleeping potion and dispersed it throughout the ventilation system of the techno-mages' hiding place. Upon waking up, Elric discovered Circe and her allies among the techno-mages were attempting to contact Morden and the Shadows and then leave the mages' sanctuary. Circe then confronted Elric in the mages' Observation Room. There, her true ambitions where revealed. She then incinerated Elric. However, Circe did not anticipate that Elric still retained enough strength to fight her. Circe, in turn, was also immolated by Elric in blazing purple fire.[2]

After Circe's and Elric's bodies were discovered, Galen informed the Circle of the tragic events in the Observation Room. Blaylock assured Galen that Circe's confederates among the techno-mages were likewise dealt a fatal blow.