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The Civility Naval Defence Force is the Pak'ma'ra space fleet of the Civility.


The Pak'ma'ra fleet is one of the first lines of protection for the Great Library and the wealth of the Quantium-40 mines in the Melat System. As the pak'ma'ra are not an expansionist race, it has allowed for a highly concentrated fleet to be based in their home system. The Council of Safety is in charge of all naval movements and resources, however trivial. They are also in charge of arranging for the construction of new ships for the fleet. The pak'ma'ra don't believe in field commendations without assuring that neither the ship, its crew, or their peers will be adversely affected by a change in that individual's rank. The act of raising the rank of any naval personnel or altering the status of that individual's position in the fleet, requires a decision by a ful Council of Safety.

The fleet is commanded by a list of previously written facts produced by various Councils. To adjust the way things work in the fleet requires Council meetings. When it comes to deciding what a unit or ship has to do at any given moment, it results in a great deal of debate and conversation within a Council of Safety. How to handle a given situation is usually managed per the previous findings of Councils of Safety but occasionally new situations emerge that require instant debate. Any pak'ma'ra military grouping answers in some fashion to a group of pak'ma'ra who at any moment can form a Council of Safety. To form a Council of Safety requires at least five members of that group, in addition to a Librarian. The group is called the Command Unit and within the group may be up to a dozen or more pak'ma'ra. It's the Command Units which debate and hand out the orders for military functions, and it may take several minutes to come to a decision. Which may become a problem if they are trying to decide the next course of action during actual fighting.


  • Council of Safety: The highest level in the military, whose facts are ironclad and considered by the military to be the highest orders to be followed.
  • Tak'ar'in (Command Unit): Made up of at least five pak'ma'ra who have the skills to lead their respective forces. It decides what course of action is to be taken by the military by either reciting the formerly voiced actions of the Council of Safey or deciding on a new choice of action after instant debate.
  • Al'ar (Relay Officer): Serving a Command Unit, is a team of A'lar who serve as the Command Unit's direct correspondents to the rest of the fleet, ship, or unit. They have the responsibility of making sure that the individual sections of the military serving under that Command Unit follow the voiced or recited facts.
  • Drar'al (Executor): Each Tak'ar'lin appoints a single pak'ma'ra as the enforcer of their decisions on allied or alien ships or units. The Drar'al serves as an intermediary, communicating the Council's decisions to the alien species or culture.
  • Tak'ur (Directed Officers): It's a unit officer or ship's captain whom has been delegated the responsibility of fulfilling the orders which the Tak'ar'in has laid out for them. Orders which will sometimes include a list of alternate decisions that can only be accessed if the initial orders have been interrupted or they unexpectedly ceased.
  • Ua'koak (Regulation Officers): Appointed pak'ma'ra who are in charge of issuing and enforcing orders in the spirit that they were voiced. The officers regulate the execution of Tak'ar'in orders and individual mission parameters.
  • Uak (Civilitarian Entrant): The rank of the common pak'ma'ra soldier, who fills all the various roles n the fleet. Engineers, medics, communications officers, etc., are all Uak. The Uak are not designated in any special way, the only identifier being the appropriate colored sash.


Pak'ma'ra Ships[]


  • Thor'ka-class Orbital Satellites


Pshul'shi Family of Ships[]


Sim'sall'e Family of Ships[]
Resh'kas'u Family of Ships[]
Miscellaneous Cruisers[]
  • Thar'not'ak-class Plasma Cruisers

Miscellaneous Warships[]

Urik'hal Family of Ships[]
Tra'shu'li Family of Ships[]
Miscellaneous Small Warships[]
  • Sho'bo'na-class Patrollers


Modified Alien Ships[]

Brakiri Ships[]

  • Bra'ka-class Armed Merchants (Ikorta-class Light Assault Cruiser hull)
  • Brak'ur-class Frigates (Halik-class Frigate hull)

Drazi Ships[]

  • Raz'kur-class Battlecruisers (Sun-Hawk-class Battlecruiser hull)
  • Warbird-class Cruisers

Hurr Ships[]

  • Hur'dar-class Gunships (Hurr Gunship hull)

Raider Ships[]

  • Rar'kap-class Battlewagons (Raider Battlewagon hull)