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A client was a xenoarchaeologist who had evacuated Eridian Colony during the Shadow War and later had his possessions raided by a scavenger fleet.[1]

He tried to convince Michael Garibaldi that a statue of Shokalla was a family heirloom, though Garibaldi quickly saw through the deception. This was due to the client's confusing the Drazi religion and a Maker religion. Because maker religions are monotheistic - with the exception of the Centauri, they don't allow alien gods - his ownership of the statue for purely religious purposes unlikely. Garibaldi deduced he had taken the statue from one of his dig sites, opened it, and filled the inside with all manner of valuables, expecting the raiders to leave the statue alone. Unfortunately, the pilots of the raiding party were Drazi, and Shokalla is their patron deity, and so they took the statue. Garibaldi offered to return the statue for a share of what was inside, to which the man reluctantly agreed.


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