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"...Give me a break. Receive transmission, audio only. Yes?"

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Mr. Clute was a resident or a visitor to Babylon 5.[1]

In 2263, he made arrangements with Jacob Mayhew; the owner of the New Wave Holosystems Corporation, to have a realistic hologram made out of a photograph of a woman to have sex with. More than just satisfied with it, he was then asked if he knew how to operate the interface equipment he said he'd figure it out. A few seconds after he put it on, he electrocuted himself as a result of him not being able work it or that it was faulty. Afterwards, he went to see Captain Lochley to complain about it claiming that it was faulty and dangerous. Because he wanted assurances that the report would be off the record, he must have had a wife or a girlfriend that didn’t want to find out about it.