Unique to the Babylon 5 universe is the sanctioned canonicity of many of its offshoot novels and comic book stories; nearly all of the Babylon 5 novels and novelizations to date having been based on outlines written directly by JMS. The comic books published by DC are also fully endorsed, with Straczynski again either having directly written or contributed to all of the issues in one form or another.

Babylon 5

1. In Darkness Find Me (December 1994, DC Comics)
2. Treason (January 1995, DC Comics)
3. In Harm's Way (February 1995, DC Comics)
4. The Price of Peace (March 1995, DC Comics)

Shadows Past and Present series

5. With Friends Like These (June 1995, DC Comics)
6. Against the Odds (July 1995, DC Comics)
7. Survival the Hard Way (July 1995, DC Comics)
8. Silent Enemies September 1995, DC Comics)

Laser-Mirror-Starweb series

9. Duet for Human and Narn in C Sharp (October 1995, DC Comics)
10. Coda for Human and Narn in B Flat (November 1995, DC Comics)

The Psi Corps and You!

11. The Psi Corps and You! (December 1995, DC Comics)

In Valen's Name

12. In Valen's Name, Part 1 (February 1998, DC Comics)
13. In Valen's Name, Part 2 (March 1998, DC Comics)
14. In Valen's Name, Part 3 (April 1998, DC Comics)

Babylon 5: The Lost Tales

Babylon 5: The Lost Tales--The DVD release of this pilot film included an original mini-comic about G'Kar and Stephen Franklin.

Trade Paperbacks

  • Comics 1-4 were published in the trade paperback "Babylon 5" (October 1995, Titan Books, ISBN 1-85286-646-2).
  • Comics 6-7 were published in the trade paperback "Shadows Past and Present" (September 1996, Titan Books, ISBN 1-85286-735-3).
  • Comics 1-4 and 11 were published in the trade paperback "The Price of Peace" (November 1998, DC Comics, ISBN 1-56389-467-X).
  • Comics 12-14 were published in the trade paperback "In Valen's Name" (December 1998, Titan Books, ISBN 1-85286-981-X).

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