The Babylon Project

Commercial telepaths are telepaths who provide the use of their telepathic services to customers for a fee. The Psi Corps takes a percentage of the fees that commercial telepaths earn. Additionally, the Psi Corps provides funds and support services as required. For example, when Talia discovered a young telepath on the station; the Psi Corps provided funds to purchase the girl clothes and transit back to Earth.[1]

They are generally assigned to help two or more business parties broker deals, by monitoring their surface thoughts to assure honesty during business negotiations.[2] Among humans, commercial telepaths are most often rated P5. Prior to the Telepath War, all Earth Alliance commercial telepaths were trained and strictly regulated by the Psi Corps, or prior to the Corps's founding, the MRA.[3]

Most Earth corporations that engage the services of commercial teeps have insurance policies that indemnify them against lawsuits on the grounds of mental distress or invasion of privacy, although typically, they are only covered if the teep is a current licensed member of Psi Corps.[4]

List of commercial telepaths[]