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Couro Prido Paso Leati and Skal Tura in the Morago
Londo Mollari defeats Urza Jaddo in the Morago

The Couro Prido, roughly translated into English as "Proud Knives", was an elite society of skilled Centauri swordsmen.[1][2]

By tradition, Couro Prido swordsmen duel with the Coutari, and when two or more members reunite they do so over a decanter of Brivari which is poured into ceremonial chalices. The Proud Knives must then test their mettle by draining their chalices dry over and over until the Brivari is consumed, before sending for even more Brivari. It is also tradition for members to be given fighting names by their comrades; these names often reflect the manner or style in which the member demonstrates their skill with the Coutari.


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Under the laws of the Couro Prido, any member may challenge another to the Morago, a duel to the death after which the victor must accept the loser's family as part of his own. To refuse such a challenge is considered cowardly and would bring disgrace on the individual's entire House.

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