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A Coutari is a Centauri hand weapon: a short but wide sword approximately two feet in length with a tapered point. It is used both as a sidearm by Centauri soldiers and as a formal dueling weapon, particularly by the Couro Prido dueling society during a Morago.

Urza Jaddo carried a Coutari during the Battle of Gorash, his most famous battle, and presented the same blade to Londo Mollari as a gift and symbol of their long friendship. He always thought that Londo fought like a madman with the Coutari earning him the nickname "Paso Leati." Londo always fought well but was never really a match for Urza.[1]

Londo used his Coutari in 2260 to kill a bug. [2]

Vir borrowed Londo's Coutari to "make his point" against a Drazi vendor who planted a listening device in a bag of fruit.[3]