The Babylon Project

Crusade: Other Voices was a limited edition, two-volume set of script books for Crusade, featuring production artwork and interviews as well as both filmed and unfilmed scripts.

Crusade: Other Voices, Volume 1 was released on Wednesday 13 April 2011. This volume from the Babylon 5 Scripts Team includes scripts from Crusade not written by J. Michael Straczynski.

From Fiona Avery, we have “Patterns of the Soul” and “The Well of Forever”. Two versions of each script. The writer’s first draft and the final production script are presented. Each episode is accompanied by an analysis exceeding 40 pages.

The other script in this volume is "Little Bugs Have Lesser Bugs", written by Peter Woodward (who played Galen the techno-mage) for a second season that never materialized. Peter Woodward provides an introduction.

This volume also includes nine pages of production artwork.

Crusade: Other Voices, Volume 2 was released on Wednesday 18 May 2011. This volume from the Babylon 5 Scripts Team completes the collection of scripts from Crusade not written by J. Michael Straczynski.

This volume contains four scripts:

  • “Value Judgements”, the unproduced script from Fiona Avery featuring Alfred Bester.
  • “Tried and True”, an unproduced script focusing on Dureena and the Thieves’ Guild.
  • “War Story”, an unproduced script by Richard Mueller that would have kicked off a three-part story, accompanied by an in-depth interview with Richard Mueller.
  • “Ruling from the Tomb” by Peter David, accompanied by an introduction by Peter David.

Additionally, this volume contains the following gems:

Straczynski’s original premise for “Ruling from the Tomb” along with handwritten notes proposing a new character.

A biography of Max Eilerson and three poems “written by Eilerson” contributed by David Allen Brooks.

A May 2011 interview with Carrie Dobro conducted after she saw the two unproduced Dureena-centric scripts for the first time.

An interview with Gregg Maday from Warner Bros. focusing on what went wrong with Crusade.

Three unused story ideas from Richard Mueller.

A detailed synopsis for “The Walls of Hell” that would have been written by Larry DeTillio and would have been the second part of the story begun by “War Story”.

59 pieces of artwork featuring the Excalibur’s bullet car and fighter bay, background alien concepts, and the evolution of Dureena’s makeup.

Background information on Dureena’s people provided to Carrie Dobro.

Six different orders in which to watch the Crusade episodes.