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Most races have a medium of exchange with which they buy and sell goods with other worlds as well as among their own people. The value of a given currency on the interstellar market is usually dependent on the wealth, or perceived wealth of the race that controls it.[1] Not all races possess currency and some, like the pak'ma'ra and the Hyach, instead rely on pure barter or a credit system for trade. While the pak'ma'ra only use trade because of their system of government (or lack thereof) the Hyach culture actually considers hard currency to be vulgar.[2]

Earth Alliance Credits[]

credit chits accepted by cart vendors on B5

The Earth Alliance uses a credit based system, mostly for book keeping purposes and is exchanged via a computer credit chit that stores the owner's account details and DNA to prevent forgery.[3] Visitors to Earth Alliance territory must usually exchange their native money at a local exchange, assuming it is a recognised currency and are then issued a credit chit that is tied to their EA account. Those who live and work in the Alliance have their salaries paid directly into their credit accounts.[4]

After Mars was declared a free and independent planet within the Alliance, the former colony gained the right to produce their own currency, in addition to passports and Identicards, at least in theory. In practice certain parties in Earthdome delayed putting the new Martian data into the system in order to force Mars citizens into using Earth documentation because it wasn't worth the trouble. To counter this, ISA President Sheridan offers the Interstellar Alliance's help by suggesting they set up a diplomatic office on Minbar and help the Mars Provisional Government establish an account outside Earth's jurisdiction.[5]

Prices smaller than 1 credit (such as an issue of Universe Today) are measured in "millicreds". Some nation states within the Alliance also maintain their own unique currencies; the North American State for example produced "Northam dollars".[6]

Centauri Ducats[]

The Centauri Republic economy runs on a hard currency called "Ducats". [7]

League Currency[]

Government Unit name Description Denominations Exchange rate*
Abbai Matriarchate Gy Pearl-like stones. 1 to 100 2:1
Nori Polished hardwood chips. 3 to 500 1:2
Chuk Blue crystals. 10 to 500 1:5
Brakiri Syndicracy Grull Coinage. Though Brakiri also employ a Credit system. Denominations of ten (10, 20, 30, etc.) 1:1
Drazi Freehold Tok Small round gems. Between 5 and 100 10:1
Grome Marga Chulda Vorl Thin strips of precious metals. Between 1 and 100 2:3
Androma Republic Fla Paper money & coinage made from precious metals that come in different shapes and sizes. Between 1 and 5000 1:1
Llort Mi-Ma-Ti Yat Circular coin of platinum-like metal. 1 to 50 1:5
Heek Oblong coin, also of platinum-like metal. 10 to 200 1:10
Molak Triangular gem. 5 to 100 1:20
Markab Confederacy Galot Square metal coin that comes in a variety of colors. Each planet of the Confederacy mints its own galots and they are distinguished by marks etched into the coins. 1 to 1000 1:2
Yolu Ingyo Ogo Hardwood chip. Between 1 and 1000 1:3

*All exchange rates are in Earth Credits, Circa 2259


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