The Babylon Project

Cutter was a member of Homeguard who worked on President Luis Santiago's personal security staff. [1]


An EarthForce officer, Cutter worked under Major Lianna Kemmer on President Santiago's personal security staff in 2258 (Survivors). Secretly a member of Homeguard, Cutter was involved with a plot to disrupt the President's visit to Babylon 5 that year. After a bomb exploded prematurely prior to the President's arrival, Cutter improvised by framing Security Chief Michael Garibaldi for the explosion. Cutter planted evidence in Garibaldi's quarters implicating him, then used the subsequent manhunt to divert attention from his own activities. He placed explosives in one of the Cobra Bays, explosives that would have brought catastrophic damage to the station had they detonated. However, after Garibaldi was captured by Major Kemmer, he managed to convince her to take a hard look at Cutter. Although Cutter was able to knock out Kemmer, Garibaldi succeeded in subduing him and preventing the detonation of the bombs. Cutter was subsequently taken into custody.