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"I am what I was made: by my father, by Londo... by society."


Daggair was one of Londo Mollari's wives.


Londo referred to Daggair and his other wives (at least to Vir Cotto) as "Famine," "Pestilence," and "Death," stating their personalities could shatter entire planets.[1]

Daggair was the oldest of the three wives. While not really loving Londo, Daggair fawned on him as a "dutiful" Centauri wife was expected. She spent most of their marriage gossiping, interested in the latest politicking and social climbing and spending great deals of Londo's money. As stated by the other wife, Timov, the "vagaries of politics and social climbing" has always been "Daggair's field of endeavor."

In 2259, Emperor Turhan offered to grant Londo any one wish that he desired. He requested a divorce from the arranged marriages to his three wives: Daggair, Timov, and Mariel. One condition was presented which was to keep at least one of the wives. He invited all three of them to come to Babylon 5 so he could deliver the news personally, just before having an anniversary party for his Day of Ascension. Whereas Timov made no pretenses regarding her feelings toward Londo, Daggair did what she could to ensure she would be the one he kept. Perhaps a little intimidated by Mariel, the youngest of the three, she offered to engage in a ménage à trois with the three of them.

A booby trapped gift almost claims Londo's life, leaving him seriously injured and in need of a blood transfusion. Daggair faces the situation calmly, hoping Londo will pass away, as he has not made his divorce decision public. However, Londo does recover, and he chooses to keep Timov because he always knew where he stood with her. He does offer Daggair a modest alimony as a settlement, but she will no longer be able to live the privileged life of a noble she is accustomed to.


  • According to Peter David, who wrote "Soul Mates," Daggair corresponds to "Pestilence," following the "four horsemen of the Apocalypse" analogy used by Mollari to describe his wives in "The War Prayer." With Daggair ("Pestilence"), Timov ("Famine"), and Mariel ("Death"), Mollari himself completes the set as "War."
  • Daggair's name is clearly a permutation of the word "Dagger", a name perfectly suited for Daggair's "backstabbing" personality.