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Daltron VII was a green and blue Earth-like planet that was devastated by the Drakh in 2266.[1]


Prior to its destruction, Daltron VII was listed in the Interstellar Alliance's reference tables as the next best thing to paradise, boasting clear skies, warm weather and home to a thriving pre-interstellar indigenous population.[2]


Located well away from the main interstellar routes, Daltron VII managed to sit out the Shadow War untouched by either side. In 2266, Daltron VII was selected by the Drakh as a test site for a Death Cloud they planned to launch against Earth. Following a message from the techno-mage Galen, the Drazi trader Ni'im arrived at Daltron VII in time to witness the test, tracking the Drakh fleet to a nearby null field before returning to look for survivors. Several days later ISA President Sheridan, Earthforce Captain Leonard Anderson and professional thief Dureena Nafeel who had also been contacted by Galen, arrived aboard the Excalibur and Victory. They arrived to find that the Drakh's test was successful, leaving the planet barren and scarred with a poisoned atmosphere choked with carbon ash particulate matter and a planetary core that was rapidly cooling.

They soon picked up a Drazi distress beacon and tracked it back to the planet's surface, just outside a demolished city where they found the partly buried body of Ni'im. After finding his data crystal they engage a force of Drakh fighters in orbit before following them back to their fleet's main staging area.