Dan Randall was an ISN reporter during President Morgan Clark's dictatorial rule.

Randall traveled to Babylon 5 in March 2261 under the pretense of covering the "true" story about what was occurring on the station. Claiming that he and some of his ISN colleagues tried to put as much truth into their reports as possible without upsetting the Clark regime, Randall assured Captain John Sheridan that the footage would not be misrepresented. Sheridan warily granted Randall access to Babylon 5 and its personnel.

Randall's assurances turned out to be a falsehood. The April 12, 2261 stellarcast was a clear propaganda piece for the Clark regime. Recorded footage was edited in a way that portrayed Sheridan as a victim of Minbari War Syndrome being manipulated by sinister alien influences; Sheridan and his renegade crew were depicted as oppressing the human population and running medical experiments to create alien hybrids, all the while arming an alien invasion fleet outside the station. At the end of the stellarcast, Randall noted without evidence that the farm of Sheridan's parents had burned down, and that Sheridan's father was still missing.[1]


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