Daniel is a human serving as an operative of Politdivision, an isolationist, Earth-centric faction in control of the Earth Alliance government in 2762.

He is assigned to "provide reverse-correct infospeak as support for current changes in Earth policy"; that is, to intentionally re-write the history of the founders of the Interstellar Alliance, in order to legitimize the current government's aggressive and expansionist campaign. Daniel works inside a virtual environment designed to create false incriminating records of John Sheridan, Delenn, Stephen Franklin, and Michael Garibaldi. He gives the holograms the same psychological makeups of their real counterparts, but also updates them with subsequent history leading up to 2762. Daniel eventually begins to reprogram the holograms to act out "goodfacts," the false history favored by the Earth Alliance government.

Before it can be reprogrammed, the hologram of Garibaldi suggests to Daniel that there may be some value to keeping him around as he was an excellent strategist, implying that such information may help Daniel's standing. Daniel is persuaded, and explains that the government's plan is to attack the outer colonies and their enemies on Earth at the same time, specifically targeting civilian population centers in order to "demoralize the enemy." To Daniel's horror, Garibaldi reveals that their entire conversation has been transmitted to the enemy.

Very soon afterward, alert klaxons ring, and Daniel runs screaming out of the virtual environment as a loud rumble and a flash of light engulf the entire room – the start of the Great Burn. Daniel's record, however, survives the Great Burn and is eventually obtained by the Anla'shok.[1]


  • The logo on Daniel's uniform resembled that of the Nazi SS.
  • Elements of Daniel's vocabulary (infospeak, goodfacts, Prole Sector) are borrowed or adapted from George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, referencing the totalitarian future in the novel.