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Canonbox default.png The following is based on The Mongoose Publishing RPG books and contradicts canon sources.

Darkness and Light is a sourcebook for Babylon 5 the Roleplaying Game. It describes the history, technology, planets and motives of the Vorlons and the Shadows.


From the back cover...
There are beings in the universe billions of years older than any of our races. Once, long ago, they walked among the stars like giants, vast, timeless. Taught the younger races, explored beyond the rim, created great empires, but to all things, there is an end. Slowly, over a million years, the First Ones went away. Some passed beyond the stars never to return. Some simply disappeared.

Some are still here.

Agents of Order and Sowers of Chaos, the Vorlons and Shadows remained behind to guide the younger races. They cloaked themselves in mystery and legend, influencing events on a galactic scale through subtle machinations. The elder races are the gray eminences of Babylon 5, never stepping into the light.

Until now.

Darkness and Light cover the history of these elder races from the dawn of time until a million years hence, exploring their beliefs, plots, technologies and servitor races. Both sides of this epic and ancient conflict will be fully explored.





Vorlon Empire[]

  • Vorlon Fighter
  • Vorlon Transport
  • Vorlon Dreadnaught
  • Vorlon Mothership
  • Vorlon Swarm Fleet
  • Vorlon Planetkiller

Shadow Dominion[]

  • Shadow Fighter
  • Shadow Scout
  • Shadow Cruiser
  • Shadow Herald
  • Shadow Deathcloud


  • The book identifies the makers of the Great Machine as being a Vorlon servitor species.